Sunday, April 29, 2012

TARDIS iPad Cover

This has nothing to do with soap, but I recently got an iPad 3, and I love it.  It performs so many functions for me: calendar, organizer, radio, flashlight, camera, videophone, arcade, TV, messenger, oh, and let's not forget the entire internet.  Naturally, anything that contains it must be Bigger on the Inside.  Therefore, I knit a TARDIS cozy.  Here is the pattern, if you'd like to knit one of your own.

Materials: worsted weight yarn in blue, white and black, US size 6 16-inch circular needles
Gauge: 4.5 st/inch, 6.5 rows/inch
iPad Dimensions: 7.3 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall

Based on the Tardis Phone Cozy by Erinn A. Starnes

A note on the color sections:

I did stranded knitting for all the colorwork, although the pattern I based this off of has instructions for intarsia in the round, if you’d prefer that for the black section.  Be sure to twist the yarn you’re carrying around the yarn you’re working every 3 to 5 stitches to keep things secure on the reverse side.  Don’t twist in the same place every row, or the carried color will show through.


CO 80 with blue yarn, join in the round.  You may wish to place a stitch marker after 40 to indicate where the back side starts.

rounds 1-3: knit
rounds 4-5: purl
round 6: (slip 1, p1, psso) twice, p 35, pass next unworked stitch from left to right over stitch just worked, p1, pass final stitch over left to right.  Repeat for back.  Conceptually, it’s a purl round, decreasing with 2 psso’s toward the center on each side of front and back, so that there are 72 st remaining in 36/36 split.


rounds 7-9: knit
rounds 10-16: (k 4, p 12, k 4, p 12, k 4), repeat.
rounds 17-19: knit
rounds 20-26: (k 4, p 12, k 4, p 12, k 4), repeat.
rounds 27-29: knit
rounds 30-36: (k 4, p 12, k 4, p 12, k 4), repeat.
rounds 37-38: knit -- that’s two rows, not three.
rounds 39-46: (k 4 blue, k 12 white, k 4 blue, k 12 white, k 4 blue), repeat.  That’s eight rows, not seven.
rounds 47-49: knit


rounds 50-51: purl blue
rounds 52-59: (k 2 blue, k 32 black, k 2 blue), repeat.
round 60: knit blue
rounds 61-63: purl


rounds 64-65: knit

Begin working flat:

row 66 front: BO 4, k 28, sl 3, (pass final stitch from left to right over penultimate stitch) 4X.  Conceptually, you’re binding off the 4 edge stitches on each end toward the center.  Turn.
row 67 front: p 28. Turn.
row 68 front: BO 10, k 8, BO 10. Place live stitches on holder.

Repeat rows 66-68 for back, only BO completely for row 68.


Join white yarn to 8 center stitches on front.  Knit 7 rows of stockinette. Join blue, knit and BO 1 row.  Sew top corners together in back.


Seam base shut.  

Use black yarn to embroider window panes on windows and light.  I had some glass beads handy, so I added them to the light for extra bling.

Use white yarn to embroider “POLICE BOX / PUBLIC CALL” on black panels.  Good luck with that.  My only hints are: do the back side first for practice, bring the letters down 1 row from center (trust me), and split the yarn in half (and use a smaller needle) for the “PUBLIC CALL” parts.  Try not to obsess.  ;)

Back side for practice.
I used a laundry care tag from my son’s t-shirt for the notice board.  The same t-shirt had an “Official Nintendo Seal” tag in it, so I cut it out to use as the police seal.  I attached them with fabric glue.  If you go this route, spread the glue all the way to the edges before affixing them to your TARDIS -- I didn’t, and the edges are fraying.


Seam together the 4 lower-tier bound-off stitches on each side of the top.  This creates “shoulders” that can stretch and snap into place over the top corners of your iPad so that it doesn’t slide right out.

You can also crochet a short chain loop to the back side opposite the light, then pull the light through it like a button through a button hole.  Not only does this add extra security, but it keeps the light from flopping over to the front.  *ahem*


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! So awesome I think I'm going to add a small strap and carry it as a handbag! Good job to my fellow Whovian!

  2. I love this. I'm making a TARDIS cover for my smaller Acer 7" tablet for the Ravelympics (British Cricket competition). But this will help me scale up from the phone covers.

  3. I think this will fit my Acer Iconia tab nearly perfectly. I was dreading trying to fiddle with phone patterns to scale one up... I think I might love you a little now.

  4. I am working rows 52-59. I felt 32 stitches was too far to carry over the blue strand so I cut it. Now I have a gap between the blue and black. How did you work those rows? Did you strand the blue over the black or cut? I was thinking possibly when I sew the loose ends it may correct this but now I'm not sure. need help!

  5. That is so cool, I'm quite impressed!

  6. This is definitely my favorite TARDIS pattern- easy, textured, and detailed! Thanks for sharing it. I was in search of one and its perfect :)

  7. Thanks for this, It's a fab Christmas present that I'm now knitting up for my Dad!

  8. Hi, I'm doing rounds 10-16. From the pattern, I should be working in rounds of 72 stitches with a pattern of K4, P12, or a repeated cycle of 16. 72 stitches does not divide evenly into a cycle of 16, so when I near the end of a round, and it's on the P12 part of the sequence, there's only actually 6 stitches left in the round. How do I continue? Do I purl the remaining 6 stitches of the round and then carry over the remaining 6 purls into the next round, or do I halt at the end of the round and restart the "K4, P12" sequence beginning in the next round?

  9. I love this. I am going to get an IPad for Christmas and this is the cover I want to make for it.