Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busy Busy

I've been working hard this week!  I have another four batches of soap to get ready for the Hen Party at Linda Blondheim's art loft at Paddiwhack Craft Gallery on August 6.  Check out the two varieties that I currently have curing:


The top shelf is Eucalyptus-Mint with mint leaves from my herb garden.  They're mostly peppermint, but a few leaves from my chocolate mint plant are mixed in.  I'm really delighted with the way it turned out.  Indeed, the results inspired me to see what other botanicals might work well in soap.

My Rosehip-Jasmine oil was patiently waiting to work its magic, so I went out to see what else the garden had to offer.

Tea roses smell lovely, but the shade of pink was too delicate for what I had in mind.  The hibiscus bushes, though...

Now we're talking!  I couldn't wait to see that vibrant color flecked throughout the soap.  Alas, though, it seems that hibiscus petals are not as sturdy as mint leaves:

They're an interesting rust color now, which is nice if you like earth tones (which I do) -- it's just not what I'd envisioned.  Oh, well!  The soap smells like heaven, and this batch should be particularly mild to the skin, due to an extra high percentage of olive oil in the base.  I could feel how silky it will be as I cut the bars.

What exactly is that cabinet, you ask?  Actually, it's an antique ice-box.  My mother acquired it when I was a child, and I've always loved it.  I've been Strongly Hinting for years about how much I'd like to have it one day.

"What would you do with it?" she asked.

"I'd cure soap in it!" was the ready reply.

So now it's mine.  :)

The left and bottom sections hold my supplies and ingredients.  The right section holds 2 batches of soap -- any more than that, and I have to cure it in the bathroom linen closet, which is not nearly as picturesque.

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