Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Closer Look...

Here are some details and close-ups of the bars that I have curing right now.  You can click on any picture for a larger view.  First up is the White Ginger & Amber:

This bar smells warm and sweet and gentle, like a good friend that always listens and never judges.  The amber-colored swirl is done with turmeric powder.

Next up, Lime-Basil:

This bad boy is not so gentle!  It turns out that a little basil essential oil goes a long way, and I used more than a little.  This soap packs an olfactory punch, but it's the first bar I'll grab for our next camping trip.  Basil EO repels insects, soothes bug bites, stings, cuts, bruises and minor burns, quells motion sickness, and provides mental clarity.  However, it is contra-indicated for those who are pregnant or have liver disorders, so please lather responsibly.

Next, I made Lemongrass:

The lemongrass essential oil naturally gives the soap that warm, yellow hue.  This has always been one of my favorite soaps to make, the scent is so delicious and uplifting.  I considered adding chopped lemongrass from my garden, but even though it's lovely to look at, those blades are sharp!  I'll stick to using it for herbal tisanes; lemongrass is highly nutritious.

And the pièce de résistance, Lavender-Rosemary:

I've been making Lavender-Rosemary bars since I first learned to make soap -- it's just a classic, and everyone loves it.  I use pure essential oils, a bit of violet ultramarine for color (I do love to swirl), and rosemary needles from the garden for gentle exfoliation and visual interest.  I will try to keep some of this in stock at all times.

The soaps which are already cured are a bit harder to see in their packaging, but here's a peek:

That's the Hope Chest, a natural pale cream color with no bits or pieces in it.  It looks just like the Sandalwood-Rose, which is here:

And finally, the Creamy Cocoa:

I used actual cocoa powder to color it that rich, chocolate brown.  Next time I make it, I'll add cocoa butter to make it feel as decadently delicious as it smells!


  1. Holy cow, that sounds good. I might accidentally eat the bar.

  2. I loves me some lavender rosemary!