Friday, August 26, 2011

My Heart in My Hand...

Otherwise known as, Why You Need Kathy Swift's Jewelry in Your Life.

Earlier this month, I got to meet Linda's friend Kathy at the Hen Party.  Kathy makes bright and whimsical jewelry from resins, plastics, and cleverly recycled materials.  Go take a look.

Let me say up front that I'm not much of a jewelry gal.  I wear my wedding rings, and I have two pairs of earrings that go with nearly every outfit I own, so when I first wandered over to the table where she had colorful pieces scattered in a variety of moods and themes, it was mostly to be polite.  The glossy recycled Scrabble Tiles made me smile, though.  They featured everything from leaves and flowers to Elvis, and a few of them had dictionary-style inspirational words with their definitions.  I picked up "Grace" to look more closely...

...and I was gone.  Once you pick one up, you have to pick up another, and another, and soon your hands are full of gleaming little squares of joy.  The tactile experience is unexpectedly soothing.  The wood of the Scrabble Tile carries warmth and the memories of soundly trouncing your brother on a Triple Word Score (*ahem!*), and the slick resin offers just enough friction to keep you rubbing it like a "worry stone."

Kathy was sweet enough to trade a pendant for some soap, and this is the one I eventually chose.  I wear it constantly.

T is for Triple Word Score

That heart is my heart:  not bright, not flashy, and a scattered, drippy mess more often than not.  Yet it's there for all to see, surprisingly durable, and easily touched.

Thanks, Kathy.  :)

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  1. Ashley, you are so welcome! I love that this has become one of your "go to" pieces to wear. I can't wait to see it on you at the next event at Linda's!