Saturday, September 10, 2011

4 Down, 1 to Go

The Pumpkin Pie batch has just been insulated and put to bed for the overnight gel stage.  The ground oatmeal in it smells like comforting carbohydrates, ha ha!

The Apple Cider bars turned out fantastic -- it's the coolest swirl I've done yet.

The Cranberry soap is still in a 10-pound loaf, waiting to be cut into bars.

Monday I'll make the pièce de résistance -- O Tannenbaum, which smells like a blue spruce with the color to match.

I'll have pictures for you Friday!

Now, where on earth am I going to store another 160 bars of soap?


  1. Please put me down for a bar of pumpkin and apple cider. :) -Jess

  2. OMG I bet the pumpkin pie one smells AWESOME.